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Pic of the Week

Time for another pic o' the week. Here we have English actor Douglas Booth. Enjoy!

The 10 Best Films Ever Made

It's easy to be subjective. Quick, name your five favorite movies. Or simply five films that you really quite enjoy. Now, try and be objective. Name what you think are the five best movies that have ever been made. It's never been an easy task for me, hence why, despite a fondness for list-making, I've never attempted to create a list of what I objectively consider to be the best films of all-time. But now, after nearly a week of great movies at the Roger Ebert Film Festival, plus a bit of perusing the Sight & Soundonce-per-decade greatest films poll, I'm ready to sit down and do the list.

Here, then, are what I consider to be the Top Ten Best Movies Ever Made.

A Time For Everything

Have you ever had a bad experience with fellow audience members while at the theater (either film or stage)? Of course you have. It's akin to asking a cat owner if they've ever caught their pet sleeping. The manners of our fellow movie and theatre-goers aren't exactly stellar these days, and it has no doubt spurred the increase in home streaming viewership, and home theater systems.

Imported From Detroit

A little over six months ago, I bought my first car. Well, "I bought" is a bit of a misnomer. The UofI Credit Union loaned me some money, and that in-turn was provided to a car dealership. At any rate, it's the first car I've ever owned, which was an important personal milestone. So far, the 2012 Hyundai Elantra (nicknamed 'Lamont,' after The Shadow's alter-ego) has run like a dream.

Time Goes By

Dreams and life. Life and dreams. They intertwine to create a mood sometimes and, this weekend, the mood was not the best. This isn't the first time I've written about the after effects of a dream, and it likely won't be the last. Apologies if it becomes tedious, but I ask you to please indulge me.

Memory Box

You have the side door open.
I see this while driving by. The busy intersection where your house sits on the corner lot. It used to be my grandmother's house. No doubt it's had several owners.
Seeing the open door, looking in to the kitchen, I am reminded of the days gone by when Gummy used to live there. That expansive, yet simple kitchen. We would sometimes sit and drink coffee or tea or soda in that kitchen, around the big table that could seat upwards of six people. We'd sit and chat, my grandmother, my mother and I. Sometimes others. Friends of the family. Spoons and cups clinking on the saucers.

Pic of the Week

Today is the 22nd birthday of dishy British actor Alex Pettyfer, and he's our Pic 'o the Week. Enjoy.