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The Gay Predator

Google "Liberace predator." Go on, do a Google search for it, and you'll see at least eight hits on the first page alone that reference the famous, late musician as being a sexual predator. Well, one of the eight references states that he was not a predator, but that's the exception. Of course, if you come to this post some time after it's been written, the search results may be different. The reason there's so much chatter online about the flamboyant piano player who died 26 years ago is a new, high-profile movie recently aired.
Behind the Candelabra premiered on HBO two nights ago. It has a nice Hollywood pedigree, yet eventually took form as a TV movie (albeit a graphic one) because it was deemed to be too gay for a mainstream Hollywood theatrical release. And, yes, it is most certainly gay. Heterosexual actors Michael Douglas and Matt Damon do a brilliant job at playing the homosexual and bisexual characters of Liberace and his lover Scott Thorson, respec…

Star Trek Into Doctor Who

This past weekend I watched both the new Star Trek movie, and the Season 7 finale of the new Doctor Who program. I enjoyed both, but had some issues with them that won't seem to go away. Therefore, I'm going to ponder said issues here on the blog. Obviously, if you haven't seen either production yet, and plan to do so, now would probably be a good time to stop reading.

Pic of the Week

British actor Christian Cooke, whom I've seen in a 2008 Doctor Who story, is our lovely pic o' the week. Enjoy!

Sammy Davis Jr. and the End of the World

"I've found it." "What?" "Eternity. It's the sun mingled with the sea."
-- Total Eclipse (1995)

The candlelight flickers on the table between us. We share a conversation over drinks. Casual and elegant in its contrasting deepness and simplicity. The words flow, often more freely than the alcohol. This is as it should be. The two compliment one another, but the people and the notions should always be center stage. Drinking is merely set design.
There is an intimacy to these occasions. Not necessarily of the romantic variety, but it is there. It would be difficult to arrange oneself in the environment -- nighttime, dimmed lights, inhibition-dropping beverages and people who engage you -- and not feel some level of intimacy. Our time is precious, and we should spend it wisely.

High Table

I'm not a fan of former US Education Secretary William Bennett. Aside from disagreeing with his politics (which isn't a cardinal sin), I've found him to be hypocritcal when it comes to the morals he's espoused and the morals he's lived by, and his infamous remarks about abortion and Social Security were bizarre at best. Having said all that, I do think he's spot-on when it comes to the issue of higher education and, more specifically, student loan debt.
From a recent news article: “We have about 21 million people in higher education, and about half the people who start four year colleges don’t finish,” Bennett tells The Daily Ticker. “Those who do finish, who graduated in 2011 - half were either unemployed or radically underemployed and in debt.” The problem, Bennett says, is people going to second-tier schools, majoring in less-marketable liberal arts fields, and taking on debt to do so. I couldn't agree more, which is something I never expected to say af…

What's Cooking?

Do you like to cook? I'm not talking about, "Yeah, I make meals for myself in the microwave." No. I mean, do you slave over a hot stove, or put some stuff together and throw it in the oven? This doesn't have to be Paul Prudhomme or Emeril Lagasse level concoctions. But it can't be too simple, either. So then, do you like to cook?
Me, I oscillate. The first time a particular recipe is attempted comes with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Are all the ingredients accounted for? Will I put them together correctly? Is the recipe truly on top of how long it takes to make and bake? What if I mess it up? What if I make it as directed, but it turns out just 'meh?' Of course, if the finished dish is a good one, then I stress the second time I make it because I'm worried it won't turn out as well as the first occasion.

Uncivil Discourse

Some minor history was made a few days ago when an active NBA player came out of the closet. 34-year-old Jason Collins of the Washington Wizards admitted he was gay to the media, and the response thus far has been mostly positive. Presidents, both current and former, along with celebs and other notables have publicly given their support to Collins after his announcement.
Some have questioned why it should even be news that an NBA player is gay. Of course, it's news because of the context of the world we live in, wherein many who are gay or lesbian still feel uncomfortable with being open about who they are, and with gay marriage still being a hot button issue in many states and countries. It's news because we don't live in a perfect world, in which a person's sexuality shouldn't really matter.

The Foodies

All right, y'all. It's a new month, the sun is shining, birds be chirping, summer feels as though it's on its way. I'm in a good mood. And often I equate good moods with food (it's a sick, sick cycle, dear reader). Therefore, let's take a look at some of Matty-Matt's favorite food locales around town.
Yup, that's right. It's what I'm hoping will become an annual edition of: Matt's Favorite C-U Foods! Ready? Here we go...