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What They Died For

Today is Memorial Day here in the United States. At this time, we often hear many of the buzzwords that accompany such a holiday: "Thank you" for the "ultimate sacrifice." "Defending freedom." "Never forget." "Remember those who have given their lives." Etc. These are sincere, well-meaning platitudes, but what are we actually grateful for? What, exactly, did the men and women of our armed forces die for?

Watching The Hours

A Twitter friend named Paula has asked for folks to submit ideas for a blog-a-thon about what we think will be the classic films of the future. In other words, what relatively recent movies (namely, from the 21st century), do we think will be considered classics in the decades to come, possibly airing on such venerable stations as Turner Classic Movies? While a number of films come to mind for such a category, one in particular stood out from the rest, and thus is my entry for Paula's blog-a-thon.


A while back, I blogged about some of my experiences shopping for a car in October of last year. That entry focused mainly on some of the pressure I encountered about 'buying American' rather than buying a foreign car. Now, I'd like to focus on another part of the car-buying experience, namely: perception. This refers to the perceptions people have of auto brands.

Pic of the Week

Today is the 26th birthday of actor Drew Roy, most notable for appearing in Secretariat, Hannah Montana and Falling Skies. Enjoy.

Happy Mothers Day

It's Mothers Day here in North America, and I'll be seeing my mom later today. Her request was to come over and watch a movie and have some pizza. She likes our television set, and wants to avoid the crowds at the restaurants that will no doubt be present today. Hey, it's her day, I'm more than happy to oblige.

The Best Britcoms

Britcoms (or, British Comedies) are some of the best television ever made. I've enjoyed watching them for decades. Someone going by the handle of The Ranker has listed his Top 50 Britcoms, and while I agree with many of the inclusions, I don't necessarily agree with their rankings. This has in-turn provided yet another opportunity for ol' Matty-Matt to rate & rank something. Go ahead, you know you're curious.

Something In a Dream

Some of the details vary, but the place is always the same. At least, the interior is. Outside it is similar, but slightly different. Sometimes the street is very narrow, perhaps just room for two very small Euro cars and a bicycle. Brick, of course. Other times, it's a wide, concrete expanse with thick, old trees whose leaves overhang the thoroughfare. But the buildings are often similar: row houses, bistros, closely-built downtown-like structures with low roofs. This sort of setting is where the hotel always finds itself.

Pic of the Week

This week we shine the spotlight on the delectable Alexander Ludwig, oh he of The Hunger Games fame. It's his 20th birthday today! Enjoy.

"Everyone Should Live Like This"

"Don’t you love this country? What a home this is, what grounds these are, the pool, the golf course. Republicans come here and say everyone should live like this."
The above quote is from one Willard 'Mitt' Romney, while he was hanging out at 'Papa' John  Schnatter's mansion (is Papa John's yet another company I'm going to have to think twice about frequenting? Anyway, I digress). The words spoken by Romney were in reference to the apparently wondrous abode of the pizza chain founder.

Pass the Mic

Adam Yauch, founding member of the Beastie Boys rap/rock group, passed away yesterday aged 47. He leaves behind a wife and daughter. Also left behind are a plethora of mourning fans and devotees. Along with Yauch, a piece of our modern pop culture has died.

Bedtime Stories

Bedrooms are our private space. Often, what transpires within those four walls is inviolable (or at least it should be). Whether you share your bed with someone, or have it as your own fortress of solitude, the ramifications of its presence are the same. This is where you lay down at the end of your day. This is where you put head-to-pillow and sleep. Sometimes, other things happen, too. This is what interests me most (and, no, this isn't about sex).