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No Compromise

One of my favorite bloggers, Kevin Drum, brings up one of the more troubling aspects of today's national political scene, namely: blind Obama-bashing:

Obama got virtually zero support for a stimulus bill designed to help get us out of the worst recession since World War II, he got no support for rescuing GM and Chrysler, he got no support for healthcare reform, and he got no support for financial reform even after a decade in which big banks were so far out of control they nearly wrecked the entire global economy. He's been attacked from Day 1 as non-American, non-Christian, and non-patriotic. The filibuster became not just a tool of intense opposition to big legislation, but an everyday tool of obstruction. Tea partiers and Glenn Beck accused him of being a socialist for sure, maybe a Muslim too, and quite possibly a fifth columnist as well. Rush Limbaugh mocks his wife and prominent GOP leaders make jokes about whether he was born in Kenya. A government shutdown isn't jus…

Hello Again

Well, here we go again.

After a hiatus of several years from the blogging community, I've decided to re-join the opinionated ranks of the blogosphere. We'll see if this pans-out, or if it fizzles. It's not like I don't have a lack of things to say.

Stay tuned!