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30 Days of Thanks: Zena

We had to put our beagle to sleep today. At first, this was going to be an "in memorial" post, but then I realized that we're in the midst of 30 Days of Thanks, and how grateful I am that Zena was a part of our lives. So, as much as is possible, I'm going to take a few moments to appreciate the beautiful little beagle that was ours for the past two-and-a-half years.
Thirty Days of Thanks, Day 8: Zena
We brought her home on April 4, 2011. I remember the date clearly because it was the day before the local municipal elections, when we got a new mayor for the city of Champaign, and things were looking up. There's a picture somewhere of Ashley and Zena on the couch together, Ashley looking at the incoming election results on his laptop, Zena simply looking-on, probably trying to gauge who this new owner of hers was.
She was 11, almost 12 when we got her. I wanted a dog and, eventually (thankfully), got Ashley to agree. We went to the humane society and looked at a fe…

Missing You

"We Miss You."
Just those three little words from, of all places, the History Channel, really got to me. Apparently, long ago, I'd signed-up with them online, or purchased something from them, or who knows what? At any rate, it's been eons since I last visited their page (of that, I am sure), and so they sent an e-mail to me yesterday with those three words being the first part of the subject line.
I'm a people person. It's a cliche, however, very true in my case. I tend to do better when in the company of good people whose presence I enjoy. Rightly or wrongly, my days can be made better or worse by those whom I converse with, what we discuss, how they react to me, and the vibe they're putting off. Whether it be a close friend distant friend, relative or loved one, I appreciate it when I hear from you, or, better yet, get to spend time with you.

30 Days of Thanks: Illinois

My 5th day of gratitude was a derailed slightly by the delightful news out of our state capitol that marriage equality is finally going to become a reality. Thus, today, I give thanks for my birth state, the place I call home -- Illinois.
30 Days of Thanks, Day 5: Illinois
The Land of Lincoln has been my home for (gosh) nearly four decades. It was where I was born. It may be where I die. It's what I know. The midwestern sensibilities, the changing of the seasons, the hot summers and harsh winters, the good people of all ages and political stripes and, last but not least, it's great location. We're situated either on the western fringe of the eastern U.S., or the eastern fringe of the midwest, take your pick. From where I live, it's a fairly quick drive to three major cities. Can't beat it.

30 Days of Thanks: Tom

Today, on Day 4,  I am thankful for Tom Daley, because of course I am.

30 Days of Thanks: Education

The gratitude continues as we enter our third day of being thankful for people and things in the life of ol' Matty-Matt.
30 Days of Thanks, Day 3: Education
I was born and raised in Champaign, IL, attending Unit 4 schools for my K-12 education. This consisted of three schools altogether: Westview, Jefferson and Centennial. To be honest, it wasn't always the best of times. Kids can be cruel. But the teachers, deans and administrators were almost always wonderful. I feel fortunate to have experienced those years with them.

30 Days of Thanks: Health

Everything I have to be thankful for flows from life, that much is true. And life -- at least this personal, conscious life that I have -- is finite. Once dead, my body will break down and its atoms will once more be free to do other things, mingling with the universe to be a part of another life. Until that time comes, I can thank my health for keeping this life going. Therefore, it's only logical to follow gratitude of life with that of health.
So, here we go!

30 Days of Thanks: Life

A lot of folks I know did this last year, but I was coming off a binge of horror movie-related posts from October, and so declined to partake. This year, however, I am fully embracing the 30 Days of Thanks meme, in which I choose to public express gratitude for one thing each day of the month of November. Today being November 1st, the thankfulness, obviously, begins now.
A quick word of personal background: As some of you may know, I deal with depression on a regular basis, taking a generic for Prozac every day. Sometimes it helps, other times... not so much. I am moody and, as a consequence, a bit up and down in how I think, feel and come across. Thankfully (no pun intended) I have a super support group of friends and loved ones who are willing to put up with this and, bless 'em, try and help if they can.
This month's exercise in gratitude is an active step to try and maintain a positive attitude as much as possible. With that, let's begin.