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I Love How You Love Me

Episode five of the new season of Twin Peaks was overall another good entry for the revived program. We were treated to a progression (albeit a slow one) of the plot lines previously dangled before us in episodes one through four, as well as some new elements that were introduced to keep us guessing. I could have done without the sadistic violence and profanity, but am resigned to expecting such things with David Lynch, especially when he's unshackled from the constraints of network television.

It is pretty well-known that David Lynch's works don't always make a lot of sense. To this day, almost two decades after its release, people are still debating what the heck his movie Mulholland Drive is about. Lynch was also reticent to reveal the killer of Laura Palmer which, you know, is kinda the reason millions of people initially watched the original series of Twin Peaks. With that, I was a bit apprehensive going into this new season, as devoting several hours of one's time to a story that doesn't go anywhere is not my idea of entertainment.

Thankfully, I've had nothing to worry about (so far).

The plot points of season three of Twin Peaks are progressing well. Yes, we're treated to the expected Lynchian weirdness, but with episode five we're also given some revelations and plot progressions. Those shovels Dr. Jacoby had delivered and subsequently painted gold? We got an answer to that in last night's episode. The body discovered with a woman's head in South Dakota? We have what sounds like a fingerprint match. The thugs who tried to blow-up Dougie (Agent Cooper) in Las Vegas? It looks like their boss is reporting to someone -- or something -- in Argentina. Evil Cooper/Bob also contacts the same thing in Argentina.

The strangeness in Twin Peaks continues to weave its way through each episode of the program. Deputies Hawk and Brennan are still sifting through files about Agent Cooper, based on the urging of the Log Lady (though this plot line is getting a little old). We see the guy Shelly mentioned earlier who is dating her daughter, and he certainly seems strung-out and wasted. We get a taste of life at the Double R Diner in 2017, replete with owner Norma Jennings looking concerned for Shelly. We glimpse Nadine Hurley, and Jerry Horne returns briefly after his cameo in episode one.

The not-fully-reconstituted Dale Cooper continues to shuffle around Las Vegas. We see him go to work at an insurance firm, and Tom Sizemore shows up as a suspicious co-worker. From what I've read online, most people seem to be getting good mileage out of the disoriented version of Cooper, but I'm hoping he gets back to normal soon. His dazed and confused routine is beginning to wear a bit thin. The talented Naomi Watts is back, and Ernie Hudson is introduced as a colonel who is interested in new information about original series character Major Briggs.

All-in-all, I'm happy with the show so far. Things are moving along nicely. We've had some answers to certain things, while other plot points are still left dangling. At this juncture, I'm fairly confident we'll come back around to them. This version of Twin Peaks is pretty solid. I am transfixed by it, and look forward to the next episodes. They can't come quickly enough.


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