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The Best Music Videos

Long time readers of this blog, as well as those who know me personally, are fully aware that I love music. Along with music, I'm also partial to the odd music video (whenever one comes along these days). They're a dying art form, but one that, if done well, can be just as exquisite as a painting. What better way to celebrate the music video than to present my 10 favorite ones?

Note: another list of truth is to follow. Here we go!

Cherish, by Madonna.

There are so many good Madonna videos to choose (mostly from the '80s and '90s), but if I had to go with one, it's Cherish. It used to be mesmerize me when played on MTV and VH1. The waves, the guys, Madonna's beautiful eyes, the not-quite-black & white tint... it all came together to make a gorgeous music video.

Country House, by Blur.

Again, there are some good videos to choose from with Blur, but Country House is the one that I evokes the most memories, taking me straight back to the '90s. I was big fan then, and this video certainly helped with that. From the homage to the old Avengers TV series, to the cute fellas lounging in tubs, this was one fun video.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, by Cyndi Lauper.

Who doesn't love them some Cyndi? This video, with her trademark orange hair, silly antics, and Lou Albano playing her dad (one of the many times he did), managed to encapsulate what fun it was to be young in the 1980s.

Giving Up the Gun, by Vampire Weekend.

One of my favorite bands, Vampire Weekend really pulled out all the stops for this video, as it features a fantasy tennis match with loads of celebrity guest stars. Lil Jon, RZA, Jake Gyllenhaal and Joe Jonas all put in appearances, against a white backdrop and the band standing there, doing there thing.

I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing, by the Pet Shop Boys.

Pet Shop Boys are another example of being spoiled for choice when it comes to their music videos (well, at least up until the early aughts). I pretty much love all the videos for their Very singles, but this one stands out the most. I even went dressed as Neil Tennant (from the video) to a Halloween party one year, way back in the mists of time.

Just a Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody, by David Lee Roth.

This video is one of those sugary sweet nostalgia trips for those of us who grew up during the '80s. As a matter of fact, back when it was first out, I thought, 'I'm going to look back fondly on this video.' And I was right.

Let's Groove, by Earth, Wind & Fire.

Couldn't forget an old school, stone cold classic. This was a trailblazer for music videos. And still looks good today!

Paying the Price of Love, by the Bee Gees.

Back in 1993, this was my jam. The song rocked, and the video was wonderful. Set in a windswept urban at nighttime, where the discos are always open and the people are always beautiful, I love how the holograms of the Bee Gees appear nearly everywhere.

Regret, by New Order.

I loved this song from the first moment I heard it, and the video was both fun and bittersweet. Images of a young(er) Bernard Sumner juxtaposed with a babbling homeless man made for interesting viewing. Used to watch this one on NBC's Friday Night Videos.

Thriller, by Michael Jackson.

What list of music videos would be complete without this classic? Michael Jackson, zombies, stellar choreography and Vincent Price. What else is there, really?

And there you have it, the top 10 music videos of all-time!


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