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Sammy Davis Jr. and the End of the World

"I've found it."
"Eternity. It's the sun mingled with the sea."

-- Total Eclipse (1995)

The candlelight flickers on the table between us. We share a conversation over drinks. Casual and elegant in its contrasting deepness and simplicity. The words flow, often more freely than the alcohol. This is as it should be. The two compliment one another, but the people and the notions should always be center stage. Drinking is merely set design.

There is an intimacy to these occasions. Not necessarily of the romantic variety, but it is there. It would be difficult to arrange oneself in the environment -- nighttime, dimmed lights, inhibition-dropping beverages and people who engage you -- and not feel some level of intimacy. Our time is precious, and we should spend it wisely.

"What is that?" I ask, a sparkle in my eyes. Your response is almost proud. Odd, since you didn't partake in the making og the product. But then there seems to be something akin to pride in how one chooses their alcoholic beverages.

"La Fin du Monde," said with a smile, and that faint pride. Then, as if you could sense my lack of understanding, "It's French for 'the end of the world.'"

"Ah," I remark. "I see, I see."  As Mr. Spock would say: Fascinating.

You ask how I'm liking the martini atop the table in front of me. "It's called 'Sammy Davis, Jr., isn't it?" you ask. I nod in affirmation. We have a laugh as to why it might have been given such a name. It does have some chocolate in it, and some mint. Who knows? It's an interesting name, though, to say the least. And it tastes good. Somewhat potent, but still smooth.

At times, people join and depart our session. The memory does not change, but the people do. The topics vary, the mood can jostle a bit, but the core remains. The mission is the same, although some of us are on different paths. Conversation carries on, words continue to flow, the intimacy expands and contracts.

Did you see that look? An expression. What did it mean? Maybe it will come around again. Until then, keep drinking and, perhaps more importantly, keep together. The socialization, even if it becomes silent as opposed to verbal, is the thing.


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