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Dial M-a-t-t for Depression

So, I've been feeling a bit down of late. This feeling of moroseness has been occurring on-and-off over the past few weeks, but really came on strong a couple of days ago. Sleep patterns probably had something to do with it. I was better the next day. But then I was worse again this morning. Perhaps it is seasonal? Who knows? All I do know is, I've been dealing with this crappy thing called depression for a long time, and wish I could break free.

For the longest time, I resisted the notion that depression could actually exist within me. The concept was... unacceptable? To this day, I still am not 100% sure why that was the case. The resistance to acceptance was rather nebulous in its reasoning. Perhaps it is the idea that one is not completely in control of oneself? It is true that depressive symptons can often come on out of nowhere. And, even if they are triggered by something, it's obvious that the feelings of gloom that follow are often far out of proportion with the situation at-hand.

Once I accepted that I have depression, that was a first step. I've been on a generic for Prozac for almost two years now. It helps, I guess. Things were getting bad before starting the drug. I would get nervous about something, until it almost paralyzed me with anxiety. That had to stop. And it has, definitely. And the depressive moods don't come nearly as often as they used to, yet, here we are. Autumn is upon us, and I'm in a funk.

It makes no sense, really. And I suppose that's one of the more frustrating aspects of depression. For the reality is that I have a wonderful life. There is so much to be cherished about it, both emotionally and materialistically. I am truly fortunate. I know this. I am acutely aware of it. Yet, somehow, this depression creeps in, insidiously, until all I can think of is how nobody loves me, life is boring and bland, and I wouldn't be missed if I were gone. It is a constant struggle during times like this to dismiss those ideas as false.

Today, the struggle continues.


  1. For starters, let me say I would miss you! Second, I love your openness and honesty about this topic. Many people suffer from depression but for some reason we're hesitant to talk about it, let alone seek treatment. So I commend you. While the cause of this bout of depression may be elusive, I have no doubt that it will pass. Honestly, I think this time of year sends many of us into a funk. Shorter days and less sunshine definitely make me feel that way on same days! Anyway, I've typed all of this to say, this too shall pass and until it does I'm totally here to support you (might even make a bad joke or two when I remember the punchline!).

  2. This post really resonates with me. Especially the part about having a wonderful life and still getting down. AND not knowing why. Hope things improve for you.

  3. KT: Thank you for your kind words and sympathy. It's good to know you're here for support (jokes, or no!)

    Momo: Commiserations, all round, eh? Hope you don't experience this too much. And thank you. :-)


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